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100% Satisfaction Guarantee
If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with the window cleaning service. We will re-do the service for free! This Guarantee is included on all of our services in Arlington, Fort Worth, Dallas, and DFW Metroplex Texas.




Exclusive Window Cleaning Packages


Would you like a window cleaning package's that fit your needs and budget?

Of course you would! That's we came up with these three top quality packages just for you!

 1) The Famous Texas Star Premium Window Cleaning Package

2) Deluxe Window Cleaning Package

3)Basic Window Cleaning Package  

For a no hassle, online instant quote on all of our Exclusive Window Cleaning Package's click the gold icon Now!!


   We work year round for you!

Yes you can get your window cleaner in the cold months or hot months. We use specially formulated solvents that work in as cold as 10 degrees or as hot as 110 . Our technicians are very skilled with ladders and dealing with the elements.

Saturday- What a great day for Window Cleaning!

We work Saturdays for the busy family. Please be sure to call as far in advance as possible as our schedule fills up quick.




Window Cleaning and Complete Glass Restoration


Do you realize what happens to 

windows which have not been professionally serviced in a year or longer?

 They develop a heavy residue of dirt, grime, mineral

 deposits and sometimes hard water stains. With these

 types of conditions we recommend our Famous 

Texas Star Premium Window Cleaning Package. It includes a full

restoration on your windows including applying a

restorative agent on the exterior of the glass

which finds its way into the small pores of

the surface dissolving all the heavy buildup

including deposits and hard water damage.

After the restoration is complete we then add a sealant

on the outside to prevent any more heavy buildup or

 hard water from reappearing. It keeps the glass cleaner

longer and more importand that shine everybody loves!

Track Cleaning (the 1" well which the sliding window sits on)


 Do you have cobwebs, dirt, and even

spiders that blow in your home when you open your windows?

 Yikes! With our Texas Star Premium Window Cleaning Package you

 recieve a detailed cleaning of those dirty tracks. You can

 also add it to our Basic or Delux Window Cleaning Package's

 for a great price.  With this service we will open your

windows and scrub out any dirt, debris or cobwebs t

hat are present! Then, we apply a special cleaning

solution to the bottoms, tops and sides of your windows

 leaving nothing! Some companies will include this as

part of there basic window cleaning package but we

find it better to separate them and charge less for a

basic clean. This is beneficial for people

 looking for a more cost effective yet efficient clean!

Complete Solar Screen or Half Screen Cleaning/Sealing


 Why are your screens looking old and faded?

 As we all know our Texas sun is very hot, and can

damage anything that is outside! Did you know If they

are not maintained they can be permantley damaged!

 We can help. Our screen cleaning service is

 available for any screen type including traditional

half screens or full size solar screens. In order to wash

your screens thoroughly we hand wash each

 screen with a earth friendly cleaner. Next, we rinse

them with low pressure which removes all dirt and

debris from the screen and surrounding frame. After

the screen dries we then apply a special polish and

 sealer which creates a protective coating keeping

it cleaner longer while also restoring the screen’s

natural color in most cases. A must after a streak

free window cleaning and unwanted faded screens.

Professional Grade Glass Sealant


Did you know our professional glass sealant

can also help prevent a typical double hung window stay dry?

As we explained upove, the Texas sun can ruin

anything outside if not protected (I bet Armoral

sells alot of products down here). Well, when a 

double pane window has busted or seals crack.

Water enters and drys leaving a nasty stain no one

 can clean in between the two panes of glass. 

Leaving you with no choice but to have that

window replaced. Hard water, oxidation, and calcium

 deposits can ruin windows. Luckly our professional

 glass sealant can not only protect your window

seals with an invisible barrier it can also keep

them cleaner longer. With the Texas Star

Premium Window Cleaning Package you recieve a

professional sealant that is design to be scrubed on

and squeegy off! We highly recommend this service for a longer lasting clear view!


Now offering Pure Water Technology!



What happens when you schedule a regular service aggrement with us?

We are able to do it faster, safer, and better! Since

80% of our first time customers purchase 

the Texas Star Package which includes glass

restoration, removes paint, and gives the

glass a perfect shine. The next cleaning

requires our Standard Package which is cheaper!

  Not only are you saving money each

time after that first cleaning service, but you

are amazed that we can clean all of there

windows in under two hours in most

 cases because of the magic of Pure Water!

 This process uses 100%  purified water

manufactured onsite to agitate the dirt,

residue, and cobwebs from the glass and

frames and rinse it away to the ground

using very low pressure. The amount of

water used is much less than running

 your sprinkler system for half and hour.

This technique keeps us firmly planted on the

ground performing a very thorough job with a spot free clean.

 The windows are washed and rinsed with a soft

bristle brush and left to air dry minutes

later with a perfectly clean spot free clean!

Real Estate agents & Home Owners read below!


According to 2000 real estate agents surveyed by

the real estate website HomeGain.com and

published in the June, 2003 issue of Money

magazine washing windows is the number one

presale improvement that generates the best return

on investment as measured by a higher selling price.

Home Improvement
Typical Cost
Return on Investment
*Lighten and brighten home, wash windows
86 to $100
Clean and de-clutter
$305 to $339
Landscape and trim front yard and backyard
$432 to $506
Repair electrical and plumbing problems
$338 to $381
Spruce up decor, including flowers
$812 to $1,089
Update kitchen and bathroom
$1,546 to $2,120

*Window cleaning costs have increased since 2003 but the benefits of having clean windows

in a home for sale remains the highest return on investment.



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